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No organisation can afford to ignore security.

Disruptive behaviour, like theft, fraud and malicious damage by suppliers, customers, employees and organised criminal groups, can happen any time with the potential to bring your business to a halt.

Regulatory authorities, company shareholders and other stakeholders are increasingly pressuring executive management to protect personnel, property and sensitive information.

FBIS offers the provision of solutions to minimise threats to our client’s business
operations and personnel. These include corporate and government organisations defending themselves against white-collar crime, theft, corruption, fraud, industrial disruption and threats to infrastructure.

The FBIS International Group delivers outcomes through its three strategic business units:

Crisis management, investigations, threat assessments.
Security personnel for asset protection and event management. Physical and technology-based security measures, integrated with our advisory services, to detect intrusion, control access and Electronic Counter-surveillance.


Issues Management
FBIS International can protect your investment in personnel and infrastructure.
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Protective Services
Ensure your next public event is secured and protected with Industry leading specialists. Let us show you how..
Technical Services
FBIS can supply, install and maintain the latest in electronic and physical security measures,
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